Ear cleaners

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Ear Wax Removal can remove earwax more effectively and safely than traditional cotton or metal cleaners. Simply screw the handle in the direction indicated by the arrow to remove ear wax. The soft silicone rotating head not only cleans the ear canal but also massages it.

These Ear Wax Removal tools have silicone tips. It is safer and more effective than other cotton swabs since it is made of elastic material and is long enough to remove earwax and protect the ear without injuring the eardrum.

Our disposable, soft spiral grooved head is designed to gently remove ear wax by going the correct distance into the ear. After cleaning your ears, just discard the silicone tip and replace it with a fresh one.


REMOVE EARWAX EASILY: Simply insert the spiral grooved tip into your ear, twist, and earwax will be removed. It's that simple.

PAIN-FREE: Unlike cotton swabs, which can go too far, the soft and silicone head is designed to safely and comfortably remove excess wax.

SAFETY: This product is completely safe for your child. We recommend using the product once or twice a week to keep your ear canal clean and healthy.

PORTABLE: It fits in your handbag and can be used anywhere.