Shea Beard Oil (Low porosity)

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our shea beard oil is a highly-nutritive vegetable oil that helps bring back moisture and suppleness to even the driest and damaged beards. It boasts many of the same benefits as shea butter because shea oil is actually obtained by filtrating shea butter. During the filtration process, all of the nourishing actives in shea butter are drawn out into a concentrated oil, while the compounds that make the butter solid and waxy are left behind. 

This is the actual secret to effectively growing and taking care of your beard... 😉 

👉 Shea Oil! Makes your beard growth and maintenance more effective 👌 

☑️ Safe on the skin and scalp

☑️ The only oil that has the same structure as oil our body naturally produces

☑️ The oil with the most healing properties in the world.