Beard and scalp massager

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Beard massages are the secret to growth and maintenance!!!

It created blood flow in areas that lack sufficient blood flow for sustained growth. Areas like beard patches, receding hairlines and hair loss areas. 

Your beard and hair root can now be reached in a non harmful and very safe way with this beard and scalp massager. This product makes the application of hair growth products like minoxidil easier to apply with an even distribution across all areas. Feel as micro-vibrations create stimulation and blood flow in areas that don’t have blood flow. 


1. Liquid Guiding Comb Teeth: Patent push type liquid outlet comb teeth, you could comb your hair and touch your scalp, and the liquid will flow out of teeth onto your scalp directly. 



2. More Evenly More Easy Than Manual Apply : Only combing, do not need section or parting the hair.



3. Two Function Modes

- Vibration Massage, 3 intensities

- Iontophoresis, toning scalp


5. Long-life USB Charging: The scalp massager comb can be recharged repeatedly by USB (free gift 5V USB cable), supports charging on computers, mobile power supplies, notebooks, etc.