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Achieve a full head of hair and a full beard in the convenience of your own home. (30-90 Days Results)

 The beard growing journey can certainly differ from person to person. While some can see growth within days, others need some additional assistance in order to stimulate hair growth and see substantial gains in the beard department. With the Derma Pen, experience the feeling of microscopic channels that help stimulate hair growth as it punctures the natural barrier to allow oils to enter the hair shaft seamlessly. With our Derma Pen tool, gentle reawaken the skin for follicular activity and boost growth potential significantly without zero tugging or breakage to new hairs. Watch as hair strength, density, and thickness improve in as little as 60 days with regular usage and full results in 6 months.

  • Signs of aging
  • Scars, such as acne, surgical or other textural irregularities
  • Hair Loss and Alopecia
  • Use Twice a Week
  • Apply with light pressure 10 times throughout area.

This is the actual secret to effectively growing your Hair and Beard!!!



Hair is made up of 2 main properties collagen and keratin and using a Derma Pen provides your hair and beard with the properties it needs to grow.

  1. Derma Pens use micro-needling to create collagen and keratin on the areas that you use it over.
  2. It also creates a pathway for the hair to be able to reveal itself. 
  3. Those same pathways that you create also make it easy for you to absorb hair and beard growth products.
  4. A lot of products don't work because they don't have a path for our skin to absorb them unless we eat the product. That's still a gamble because you can't control what your body will do with this product. So the derma pen is a lot more accurate and efficient for the absorption of your growth products. 
  5. Also, your skin has a barrier over it that protects stuff from going inside your skin. With all those factors there is no way your products could ever be effective.

If you want to see results that product has to get into your skin and the punctures have to create the need for collagen to be created. 

The collagen is created because your system thinks the derma pen is damaging your skin, so it sends the collagen as a recovery mechanism. Creating new hairs where there was once none. 

How to use Derma Pen-

"Can I just get a derma roller?  instead, it's cheaper."

Don't get me wrong Derma rollers are dope but would you rather have the iPhone 13 or the first-ever phone because that's how old the derma roller is. Its been here since the 90s, while our Derma Pen model was created in 2021. 

Derma roller vs Derma Pen

 The Derma Pen is better than the Derma roller because

1. The microneedles are verticle, so it directly punctures the skin evenly. The even punctures are perfect even product distribution and producing an even amount of collagen. Derma roller's needles are parallel so they don't go into the skin, they scrape and pull the skin.

2. Also, the Derma Pen comes with 7 different needles which are perfect because different parts of your face, hair, or beard require different lengths. Derma rollers are only one and don't last long.

3. The derma pen lasts long and comes with replacing cartridge so you don't need to constantly disinfect it, just replace it.

When it comes to hair and beard growth, the Derma Pen is a better more effective version of the derma roller. It is extremely effective on hair growth, beard growth, fine lines and wrinkles, scars and acne scars, sagging skin, open pores, stretch marks, and more.

Besides providing excellent results in a short period of time, it is easy to use, safe, comfortable, and hygienic as the cartridges are disinfected, individually-sealed, single-use, and disposable.


30-90 Day Results Guaranteed with the Derma Pen.

Why The Derma Pen is better  

Best Product To Use after using Derma Pen: Minoxidil 


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