6 Derma Rollers

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This is the actual secret to effectively growing your Hair and Beard!!!

👉 Derma roller! Makes your hair growing serum more effective 👌

☑️ Safe on the skin and scalp

☑️ Easy to use

☑️ Perfect for thinning and patchy spots!

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Working principle

When the bead roller is used against the skin, it creates small microscopic damages in your skin. This triggers the body to start repairing the damaged cells by improving the blood circulation to the area. The blood contains nutrients & healthy hormones that is starting the healing process.

This process causes Cell Proliferation which makes the hair follicles grow thicker and increase in quantity.

    • Directions: 

      1. Before you, derma roll make sure you exfoliate to clear your face of past serums, oils, old sebum, and dirt. 

      2. Then sanitize or disinfect your derma roller

    • 3. Derma roll for about 3 mins on areas of growth needs.

      4. After you, derma roll apply serum

      Do this before you go to sleep.