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Achieve a full head of hair and a full beard in the convenience of your own home. 

Day 1: Eason

 The beard growing journey can certainly differ from person to person. While some can see growth within days, others need some additional assistance in order to stimulate hair growth and see substantial gains in the beard department. 

Day 49: Eason


With the Beard Growth Kit, experience the feeling of microscopic channels that help stimulate hair growth as it punctures the natural barrier to allow oils to enter the hair shaft seamlessly. 

Day 1: Warren

With our Beard Growth Kit, gentle reawaken the skin for follicular activity and boost growth potential significantly without zero tugging or breakage to new hairs.

Day 67: Warren

Watch as hair strength, density, and thickness improve in as little as 60 days with regular usage and full results in 6 months.

 Beard Growth Transformation

  • Are you ready to start growing your beard?

A lot of men around the world dream to have a good, masculine-looking beard. Are you one of them? Perfect. Because here is all the help you'll need

Our products are proven time after time to help men around the world achieve their dream beards. Are you next?


Working principle

When the bead roller is used against the skin, it creates small microscopic damages to your skin. This triggers the body to start repairing the damaged cells by improving the blood circulation to the area. The blood contains nutrients & healthy hormones that are starting the healing process.

This process causes Cell Proliferation which makes the hair follicles grow thicker and increase in quantity.

  • Directions: 
  • 1. Before you, derma roll make sure you exfoliate to clear your face of past serums, oils, old sebum, and dirt. 
  • 2. Then sanitize or disinfect your derma roller
  • 3. Derma roll for about 3 mins on areas of growth needs.
  • 4. After you, derma roll apply serum
  • Do this before you go to sleep. 


 How to use:


  • Individual Product Description: 


    • The Activator Serum: activates your dormant follicles and strengthens your hairs. In combination with the Derma roller, you will increase the absorption of the serum. The concept of micro-needling is not a new thing, it's been used by dermatologists for years. The microneedles penetrate the skin and create micro-channels which prompts the skin to start a natural regeneration process.
    • The Activator Serum: Contains natural active ingredients Capilia Longa, Biotin, and Arginine. The natural active ingredient, Capilia Longa has proved shocking results for hair growth in a clinical study: Average gain of 13500 hairs and up to 52% increased density in 150 days.


    • The Derma Roller :
    • Needles will change your beard growth. The titanium needles create thousands of microscopic channels and activate the body's natural healing process. Increases blood circulation. Stimulates sleeping follicles. Maximizes serum absorption.


    • Natural &No Perfume :
    • Our natural active ingredients have been selected for their powerful effect with no compromise made to the safety of your skin. That means there is no perfume, parabens, color additives chemicals in our products.



 Individual Product Directions:

    • How to use The Beard Roller:
    • Recommended use: 1-2 times a week depending on skin tolerance.
    • 1. Sanitize The Beard Roller.
    • 2. Clean your face thoroughly.
    • 3. Roll gently 10 times back and forth - horizontally, vertically and diagonally.
    • 4. Wash with hot (not boiling) water and sanitize The Beard Roller。


    • How to use The Activator Serum:
    • Recommended use: For best results use The Activator Serum daily on an ongoing basis.
    • 1. Clean your face thoroughly
    • 2. Distribute 1-2 pumps in the palm
    • 3. Apply the serum with circular movements onto the desired area. This process will further increase the blood, helping the method get into the follicles
    • 4. Leave in The Activator Serum and allow it to fully absorb.
    • 5. The Beard Roller Sanitizer
    • 6. Cleansing. Antibacterial. Refreshing.


    • How to use The Beard Roller Sanitizer:
    • 1. Hold the spray 10-15 cm from The Beard Roller Head
    • 2. Spray 2-3 times evenly
    • 3. Let it dry for 20 seconds


  • HOW DOES IT WORK? The beard growth oil activates your facial hairs and boosts your beard growth, the Beard Roller maximizes serum absorption and stimulates the sleeping follicles
  • THE BEARD ROLLER - CHANGE YOUR BEARD GROWTH. Our 540 titanium needles create thousands of microscopic channels and activate the body's natural healing process.
  • GROWTH HAIR - This product isn't only for beards. You can use it to stimulate hair growth in balding areas or any other desired area.
  • NATURAL & EFFECTIVE:Beard Growth Oil and Beard Balm are made of pure natural ingredients and have been tested professionally. The active ingredients can help facial hair growth for men, Beard Balm can be smoothed, straightened and controlled beard, and you looks more attractive.


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