100 E-Books on Forex

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The first steps are always the most challenging ones and taking the right ones will dictate your learning curve and success as a Forex trader. Many new traders focus exclusively on the earning component of trading, ignoring that learning, which includes the word earning, is the primary tool to unlock earning from trading.

Our list of recommended Forex eBooks will help you with getting started in the Forex market, shorten your learning curve so that you can be on your path to a profitable Forex trading career.

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Book Examples:

Making money in Forex

How to Trade

Forex SImplified

Naked Forex

Power of Trading

Forex Beginner

Forex made Simple

25 rules of forex trading

Forex GodFather

The basics of the elliot wave principle

School of Pipsology

21 Candlesticks every trader should know

30 days of Forex Trading. 

Trendline Technique

and MORE. 


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