Our Story

Becky Pafe started an off license in Meta Quarters in Bamenda Cameroon in 1980, with no formal education. Prior to that she did what most women did, plant, harvest and go to the marketplace and sell your harvest. Women weren't allowed to go to school in her time but that never stopped her. She cultivated her entrepreneurial spirit through the school of life. She is our grandmother and growing up with her and my mother, her daughter, Marie-noel Tafah influenced my passion and love for natural products. She also used and sold different natural products for hair and skin. However it wasn't till 2018, till that seed that she planted in me manifested in the form of Tafah Oil. Tafah Oil is a natural unisex product company for men and women. 

What We Stand For:
Inclusively Exclusive

The best luxury in personal care and beauty ingredients should not belong to the well off but everyone. 

Modern Wisdom

Most Products labeled men and women are the same but marketed differently. Our products are labeled His & Hers promoting love, relationships and unity. 


Cultures Cultivated

The best ingredients gathered from the motherland to complement and create the best product.