360 Photo Booth

The 360 photo booth, also known as a 360 camera booth, is a revolutionary experience of taking photos. Guests stand on an elevated platform and a slow-motion arm captures a video from all angles. The end result is awesome, unique, and branded content for events of any kind.



Make your money back in just 2 to 3 events! The average rental for the 360 photo booths is around $500 per hour! 🤑

🤔 Let's do the math:

One 3 hour rental = $500 x 3 hours = $1500

Let's say you only have time for 2 events in one month: 2 x $1500 = $3000

Your investment will be FULLY PAID OFF! Plus extra on the side for some Starbucks and some new shoes. 😋

So what do we suggest you do? When you start to get double and triple booked, buy more platforms to scale your business. 

Because you will be booked and you don't want to turn down events because you only have one platform

With just two 360 platforms it is possible to make a 6 figure yearly income!!


If you rent out two of your 360 photo booths (3-hour rentals each) every weekend you will make roughly $12k per month. Now times that by 12 months...

That's $144k!! 😮 Just for 6 hours a week. 24 hours a month. 288 hours a year. 

A year's pay for a month's work. 

The sky is the limit.

Trends like this come once in a while. do not hesitate. RIDE THE WAVE!! 🏄‍♂️

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